Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship to?

At this time, Earth Circle Creations is only able to ship to the United States. We look forward to serving our international friends abroad in the very near future.

How long before I get my order?

All merchandise we have in stock is shipped within 24 to 48 hours of the receipt of your order, except on holidays or weekends. Orders for merchandise that we do not have in stock are usually placed with our suppliers within 24 hours of receiving your order. These suppliers usually ship within 24 hours of receiving our purchase order unless they are on backorder. We will notify you of any unusual delay. You will receive a tracking number if we have shipped by a method and from a supplier that allows us to use this feature. As a general rule, please allow up to two weeks to receive your order. Your order is important to us, and if you have not received your order in a reasonable amount of time, please let us know so that we may investigate and correct the situation. We value each and every customer`s order.

What is your return policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may contact us within 10 days of receipt for exchange or store credit upon approval, minus shipping and handling. There may be a 10% restocking fee applied to your return. You will be informed of any restocking fee when you receive your return approval.

For safety reasons, we cannot accept returns of loose or bulk herbs, soaps or bottles with broken safety seals.

My item was broken and everything leaked, what do I do?

While we attempt to pack our shipment as securely as we can to insure against breakage, there may unforeseeable problems in shipping we cannot predict and the end result is your item has been damaged or broken.

If your item is damaged during shipping, please notify us using the form here indicating that your order has been damaged or broken during shipping. We will arrange with you to ship your damaged item back to us for inspection and upon receipt, will ship you a replacement item ASAP. Please pack your item in a box with the same care with which it was shipped to you. Items that were not damaged by the shipper will be returned to you with no credit given.

We cannot reimburse shipping charges on most returned items. We keep our shipping costs as low as possible to cover the cost of processing, packing and shipping orders, so once an order is shipped the shipping and handling fee has been absorbed.

Once your return is authorized, please pack your item in a padded envelope or box with the same care with which it was shipped to you. Items not received in resalable condition that were not damaged by the shipper will be returned to you with no credit given.

My order is listed as backordered with a coming soon icon... what does that mean?

If an item on your order is marked `not in stock` with an `apologies` icon on the page (with red text), the entire order will be held until all items return to stock, usually by the date listed with the apologies icon. We make every attempt to provide you the most accurate date of shipment for backordered items yet sometimes receipt of these items are delayed. If the items are going to be substantially delayed we will email you with an updated anticipated shipping date. Usually the day of or after the date listed with the apologies icon.

This usually is the case with some items such as soaps and tinctures. Once we make a soap, we have it listed on the pages with an announcement of coming soon, and a date. This posting on the page is intentional so search engines such as Google can find them and have them listed in a timely manner.

Once the item is ready, we will ship them out the next day. For example, if an item says it will be back in stock on the 19th of the month, we will drop it off at the post office that evening, or we will have it ready for pick-up on the 20th of the month.

What are your shipping rates?

This is the tough one to answer and is still an evolving process. Shipping is an odd creature to navigate as I do not want to lose money in shipping, and I also do not want to gouge you (my customer) in shipping costs. Because of the odd nature of the items I am shipping (tinctures, herbs, tins and more) having a blend of items in one box accounts for different weights, and can have adverse effects on how items are packed into the box.

To make things simple for me, the shipper, I have utilized the United States Postal Services, flat rate boxes. With these boxes, I can pack up to 70 pounds into one box and still have one flat rate. However, if someone purchases an item, putting it into a large box would be expensive and would cost more in shipping than the item, itself.

So, a solution would be to use smaller boxes. USPS has small boxed available for 5.20 in shipping. This is a good price, other than I can only put in there (safely) are 15 one-ounce tins, 12 two-ounce tins, 5 one-ounce tinctures or 4 two-ounce tincture bottles and maybe three to four ounces of herbs, depending on how fluffy they are. Plus, if there is a combination of an order, this puts a crimp in shipping.

My solution for the time being stemmed from a conversation I had with a customer: I would measure how many of each would fit in the box (described above) and come up with a number. For example, the 2 ounce tin is 1/12 or .083. 12 of those would be an even 1. And, would be one box. Once the count went over the value of one, it would roll to another box. Five tinctures fit in one box, their value would be .2 (1/5) each. Four of those would be .8 and still fit in one box. Five would be an even one and still be one box. Six tinctures would be a value of 1.2 and require another box. This also includes if you would order 4 tinctures and a salve (.8 + .0833 = .883) and would still fit in one box safely.
  • Contents fitting one box: 5.20.
  • Contents fitting two boxes, 10.40; this is two small flat-rate boxes and will cover a good part of a medium box. It is more work for me to print off two labels, but it keeps me from being over-zealous with the shipping and affordable to you. I do not mind taking a small hit to upgrade to the next size box if need be.
  • Contents fitting three small boxes: Would be $15.60, but it is cheaper for you to have a large box, and that price is 14.95. This is three small flat-rate boxes or one LARGE flat rate box from the USPS. That WILL cover just about everything I have in the store, including multiple items weighing up to 70 pounds.
  • Above $100, free shipping. If someone is willing to spend $100 in my store, I do not mind footing the bill to get this to you. This also applies to my wholesale items, too.
  • If I am able to get something into a smaller box, I will send a refund to you, my customer, as a thank you.
  • Local Pickup: As most of my online orders are those I would ship off, and currently, my online store does not have the capability to know if you are local, or not. If you are local and would like to make an arrangement to pick up an item, please complete the order and drop a note into one of the spaces that you would like to pick this up or to meet somewhere and I will reimburse you the amount you paid in shipping.
Do you ship freight? Or, can I arrange freight to over-sea locations?

No. At current, we do not have the capability; nor the capacity to handle freight. Our current provider is the United States Postal Service (USPS) for their ability of flat-rate shipping. This flat-rate shipping allows us to fill a box up to 70 pounds, insure it and ship it to all points of the world for a low price.

We also do not have items that will not fit into one of these boxes. If an order requires multiple boxes, we will be happy to ship them to your destination.

In addition, to prevent internet scams, it is our policy to not use or utilize Western Union to transfer funds to or from your or our account(s). Click this link for information.

All orders are shipped out via USPS. You cannot choose the carrier and we cannot use the customer`s account to ship an item.

Lately, Earth Circle Creations has been getting several emails from folks that ask, "we would like several thousand dollars of goods from your location... we will give you a card over the phone (I cannot do this due to PCI Compliance) and will be in contact with our shipper to arrange pickup/frieght (I also cannot do this) or to arrange payments." To avoid being scammed, it is our policy if you wish to make a large purchase, please let us know using the contact form to request a quote. I will give you a link to somewhere on this page to use our (and PCI Compliant) web site. I do not have the capability to take cards over the phone or in email as this violates our compliance. This is not open for discussion.
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