Six Inch Salt Lamp

This is a six to eight inch salt lamp with wood stand. Cord and clear light bulb included.

Our salt crystal lamps are made of 100% natural Himalayan salt crystal rocks. These natural Himalayan salt crystal rocks contains 84 NATURAL minerals essentially required by our body. This Himalayan salt is the most beneficial and cleanest salt available on this planet, where the energy of the sun has dried up the original, primal sea, millions of years ago. This Himalayan Crystal Salt is absolutely pristine and natural, identical to the ancient primal ocean. This Himalayan crystal salt has been exposed to enormous pressure for millions of years which ultimately resulted in the formation of crystalline structure of Himalayan salt rocks.

This Himalayan rock salt has its history from pre historic time when it was discovered for the first time in the era of Alexander The Great in 325 B.C. The licking of protruded salt by the horses of Alexander The Great, who fought battle with Raja Poras on the bank of river Jhelum led to the discovery of Himalayan rock salt assets at Khewra. Khewra salt mine is the largest salt mine of the world. This salt range is around 300 km long and 10 to 30 km wide with an average height of 2250 feet. Its highest altitude at Sakessar mountain is around 5000 feet. At present, there are 17 levels at Khewra salt mine. Some of the other salt mines in Pakistan are Kallabagh, Warccha and Jatta/B-khel salt mines.

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps also known as Himalayan salt lamps, rock salt lamps or natural salt lamps naturally purify the air through their ionizing effects. They have profound impact on our body, mind and spirit. Salt lamps work best for our wellbeing due to their magical effects. Besides, they are used for the treatment of medical ailments like stress, insomnia, body-aches, arthritis, muscle spasms, skin conditions and fatigue. In homeopathy, natural salt lamp is an important remedy for serious mental imbalances.

In the beginning of 21st century, we can hardly imagine life without electrical devices. However, we do not realize that they are also a source of very harmful positive ions the so called Electric Smog. Electric smog deteriorates the condition of air and has hazardous effects on our lives. Some of the common sources of harmful positive ions are television sets, computer monitors, microwave ovens, electric heaters, dryers and tobacco smoke. Scientific tests have revealed that the optimal ratio of negative to positive ions should be between 1.02 to 0.98. The positive effect of negative ions can be experienced on a visit to a salt mine, by the sea or walking right after the storm. It is important to reduce the electric smog to a minimum level in our working environment.

The cheapest and simplest method of fighting against electric smog is to air rooms regularly, particularly those where few people stay together and have many electric machines or where cigarettes are smoked. You can also use air ionizers but these are quite expensive and it's not even a natural way to purify the air. So, we offer Himalayan crystal salt lamps which are natural air ionizers that effectively boost the number of negative ions in the air. The effect of air ionization by salt originates from physical and chemical properties of salt, discovered many years ago.

The ionizing effect is enhanced by heating the Himalayan salt crystals with a bulb installed inside the lamp due to which Himalayan salt crystal lamp improves the quality of our environment and thus our well-being. In addition, Himalayan crystal salt help cure many diseases. Bioenergotherapists and homeopaths in Western Europe have recommended Himalayan crystal salt lamps for a long time to support treatment of allergies, diseases of respiratory and blood system and rheumatism. Because of their color, they are also used in color therapy i.e. chromo-therapy. Their soothing light helps the recovery of neurotics and people suffering from insomnia and somnambulism. So our Himalayan rock salt lamp is the need of every home.

Himalayan natural salt lamps are intended for indoor use only. You can place the Himalayan salt lamps:
  • At the office
  • By your bedside
  • Near your computer monitor
  • In your study room.
  • While entertaining your guests
  • While meditating
  • In massage rooms
  • In smoky places
  • Where you want the air quality to be improved
  • Where you want to create a relaxing environment naturally
Himalayan salt crystals are hygroscopic. Crystal salt lamps, therefore, should be used in the dry areas. In case of increased humidity, for example, during rain, the salt lamp should be turned on. Heat given off by the bulb inside of salt lamp will warm up the salt crystals and make the water particles evaporate from its outer surface. If you plan on storing the Himalayan rock salt crystal lamps for extended periods of time in humid environment, (i.e.: garage, attic, basement, etc) put it in a plastic bag and seal tightly.

Certain guidelines should be followed while using the lamps in rooms and offices. First, if condensation of the outer surface occurs, dripping water may damage the surface LAMP is on. (i.e.: discoloration, bubbling up of wooden surface) When putting a lamp on a surface which may be damaged (i.e. antique or office furniture, etc) additional care should be taken to secure that surface. (a rubber matt, cork base, plate can be used to catch any excess condensation.) Here again, a good way to dry off the lamp is to turn it ON. Secondly, if the LAMP is in the area where children or animals play, it should NOT be put on the edges of furniture or in such a way that electrical cord is accessible to the child. Lamp should be set up in a way as to prevent the likelihood of fall from a height and causing injury to the child or animal.

If the Himalayan salt crystal lamp becomes damp inside, it should be unplugged immediately. Take the light fixture out and examine for moisture. If the fixture is wet, place it in a dry, warm place. Wipe the rock salt lamp with cotton towel until most of the moisture is removed. Following the drying process of the light fixture and salt lamp, and reassembling, turn the lamp ON for a couple of hours.

Following measures should be taken while changing the bulb of salt crystal lamp:
  • Unplug the lamp from power source
  • Turn the lamp over to get at the light fixture
  • Using two fingers grab the lower (visible) part of the light fixture and pull slightly until mounting spring is visible (DO NOT pull by power cord unless necessary)
  • Next, using two fingers, grab the mounting spring and pull the light fixture out of the cavity. Be careful not to release the mounting spring too fast as the expanding motion of the spring can cause injury.
  • Replace bulb
  • After replacing the bulb, grab both sides of mounting spring and fold so they touch the bulb socket, insert the light fixture back into the cavity in the lamp.
Sometimes household pets (mostly dogs) instinctively lick the lamp to replenish minerals in their bodies. Salt Lamp is not intended for consumption, however it is made of 100% natural salt and is not hazardous to health.


Different colored bulbs may be inserted into the lamp to produce different colored light without decreasing the benefit

As these lamps are a natural product, no two are identical and may differ than what is displayed.

Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp:

Everything around us emits ions, both positive and negative. Do you notice how being outdoors or camping can give you more energy and make you feel rejuvenated? That’s because there are no positive ions, which are emitted by the vast amounts of technology surrounding us, like our cellphones, laptops, and televisions. These ions cause trauma and chemical imbalances in our bodies, and too many could lead to crippling anxiety and apprehension.

Enter the Himalayan salt lamp. How could this simple mineral possibly bolster your health and lower your anxiety levels? We’ll show you.

1. They counter positive ions

These lamps emit boundless amounts of negative ions, effectively countering the bombardment of positive ones that surround us. The bigger the lamp, the more positive ions it emits. So pick a large one, or a lot of small ones, and evenly displace them around your house.

v 2. They make you healthier
The negative ions not only counter positive ones, but also make you healthier. The rocks contains up to 84 trace minerals that your body needs. It also strengthens your bones, regulates your body pH, and balances the water content in your body.

3. They give you energy

The lamp’s negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain, says WebMD. This combats lethargy, gives you more energy, and causes you to be more alert and responsive to your surroundings.

4. They clean the air around you

Besides sweeping the air for positive ions, the negative ions negate the radioactive waves emitted by our electrical devices, and furthermore protects us from airborne toxicities and any sort of bacterium that could be floating around us.

5. They fight disease

The “electric smog,” or the cloud of radiation that comes from your devices is known to cause cancer, and your negative ions neutralize that. They likewise lower high blood pressure, reducing the chance of heart attacks and strokes.

6. They help you sleep

The best place for a Himalayan salt lamp is in the bedroom. It’s numerous health benefits make you fall asleep easier, and cause you to feel healthy and energized when you wake up. The constant intake of negative ions makes your slumber less fitful, and helps you get more out of your rest.

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