Horsetail Herbal Tincture

Also known as- Equisetum arvense, scouring rush, shavegrass, and Field Horsetail.

Original research suggested from Margaret from Path to Wellness in Prospect, Kentucky, this tincture appears to be a favorite among my post-menopausal clients. When Margaret came to me after taking this tincture for several weeks, she came up to me with pure joy and bending the tips of her fingernails saying, ?Look at what I can do!? I did not appear to know what she was referring to and she said that she had not been able to do this for quite some time since her nails had been brittle for several years. In doing additional research, I have found that Horsetail Tincture also reinforces the bones by replacing the eroded calcium that makes bones brittle in my post-menopausal clients. I have also found that Horsetail Tincture strengthens the collagen between organs to assist in keeping the organs separate in aging male and female clients.

Not to be confused with cat-tail, this herb is possibly the most abundant source of silica in the plant kingdom, so much, in fact, the herb can be used for polishing tin pewter.

Typical Preparations

Usually in tea, tinctures and encapsulations. Universally used in cosmetics.


In very high doses, horsetail is sedative and anticonvulsant. The primary use of the herb, however, is as a diuretic. Gently stimulating increased urinary flow, horsetail helps "flush" infectious bacteria out of the bladder without altering the body's balance of electrolytes. The powdered form of the herb is better when electrolytes may be depleted. It's also the form of the herb being investigated as a treatment for age-related memory impairment.


When taking horsetail powder for its diuretic effect, be sure to drink extra water for maximum benefit. Avoid if there are kidney stones. Don't take horsetail herb if you take an ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure and you have congestive heart failure, as the combination of the herb and the drug can cause accumulation of excessive potassium. Not recommended while pregnant.

This is a

Certified Vegan Product

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