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At Earth Circle Creations, we value your business, and we respect your privacy. As online consumers ourselves, we understand and appreciate the apprehension many people have about shopping online. Your personal information is valuable to you, and should be kept confidential. At Earth Circle Creations we do not distribute, sell or otherwise make available any information about our customers whatsoever. My promise to you as my customer is that I will NEVER sell, lease, rent or otherwise release your email address or personal information to anyone. We care about our business and about our customers far too much to ever violate the trust they have placed in us.

When you sign up for an account with us, you may choose to "opt-in" by clicking the "Newsletter" check box and receive our low-volume newsletter, which will keep you updated on new merchandise available and special sales we have from time to time. You can always "opt-out" of this newsletter list at any time.

As with your customer information, our newsletter list is kept strictly confidential.

I dislike SPAM (unsolicited email). I dislike SPAM as much as the next guy. In one email account, I have have well OVER 450 email solicitations a week. My email address is my own and I do not wish it to be available for rent, lease, purchase or any other purposes unapproved by me. I do not approve sending unsolicited email to me.

We will not stick you on email mailing lists. We will not send you forwards, jokes, humor, well wishes, email that tells you that there is a new virus out there that will erase your hard drive or that a company is paying you a lot of money to do something. We will not send you emails telling you to forward messages to 100 of your closest friends. We will not send you political ads, bribes, chain letters or anything else like that.

Please be assured that I will take your concerns about privacy quite seriously, and I intend to take every reasonable effort to protect it.
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